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Research is being developed since 1996 in LEPTEN/Boiling, in the field of heat transfer with phase change and two-phase flow, are focused in the intensified nucleated boiling area, pool boiling in micro-fined heat pipes, confined boiling in mini and microchannels, and convective boiling inside minichannels. In the field of adiabatic two-phase flow, research is focused on the analysis of pressure drops inside isolated or parallel minichannels (1mm hydraulic diameter) and on the development of air and water flow measurement systems built with a conventional flow measurement (Venturi or orifice plates) in association with an impedance-based void fraction measurement device.

Research is sponsored by CNPq, FAPESC, AEB, and ANP, and more importantly by CAPES, through the UFSC Mechanic Engineering Graduate Program.

The LEPTEN/Boiling group cooperates with the CETHIL-INSA of Lyon/France, and with the University of Eindhoven/Netherlands, supported by CNPq and CNRS. National cooperation includes POLI-USP and USP-Sao Carlos.

2 Ph.D. and 8 M. S. theses are concluded, and 2 Ph. D. and 2 M.S. are under development. Research results have been systematically presented in both national and international conferences, as well as published in highly prestigious international journals.